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2023 BIO Africa Convention, Re-Imgining Biotehnology Innovation for Africa's Development and Security.




The BIO Africa Convention is an annual event that facilitates an enriching and collaborative platform for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas and opportunities in the biotechnology industry. All biotechnology innovations pertain to the health, energy, agriculture and entrepreneurial sectors. AfricaBio has conceptualized and executed five successful BIO Africa Conventions since 2018. 

At the BIO Africa Convention in 2022 there were over 1 000 registered delegates, 34 countries participating (both local African and international), 13 tracks, 6 plenaries and 41 sessions. Participants of the Start-up Stadium will have the chance to present cutting edge technologies, projects or products for the chance to win incredible prizes that will help progress your start-up.

In 2023, BIO Africa is embracing the theme: 'Re-imagining Biotechnology Innovation for Africa's Development and Security'

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2023 BIO Africa Convention Save The Date

Save the date for the 6th annual Bio Africa Convention which is happening on September 1st-6th, 2023.


Join the innovation movement by exploring innovative ideas in biosciences. Don't miss out on this exciting experience to network, collaborate, pitch an idea and listen to some of the top experts from around the world.

Registration open
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Click on the button below and scroll through our information page, to find out more about shuttles, suggested accommodation, visa enquiries, tours, and more about the venue where the 2023 BIO Africa Convention will be taking place.  


Student call

AfricaBio, in partnership with our stakeholders, is offering to sponsor a selected number of students.

The selected students will get an opportunity to attend the pre-convention taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of September as well as the convention which will be happening on the 4th to the 6th of September 2023.

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BAC 23 Start-Up Stadium

BIO Africa cordially invites all start-up businesses or SMMEs to participate in our Start-up Stadium at the BIO Africa Convention. The Start-up Stadium is a dedicated space within the Convention specifically designed to showcase the potential of emerging biotech start-ups. It offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure, network with industry veterans and potential investors, as well as receive valuable feedback from experts in the field. Moreover, it aims to foster collaboration and partnerships that can drive innovation and contribute to Africa's sustainable development.


The Convention will be held at the Durban International Convention Centre,  South Africa. 


Events & Webinars


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Entrepreneurial scientists and innovators need to understand basic business concepts to develop their pitch and create a start-up businesses. Perfecting the Pitch is a 3-part series explaining key components of creating a perfect pitch. It further discussed common challenges that scientists and healthcare innovators seem to undertake and how to overcome them. 

Perfecting the Pitch Series

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Africa contributes to less than 2% of the total number of clinical trials. The African continent makes up over 17% of the global population. This continent has a diverse population, and it bears the greatest burden of diseases in the world. Therefore, the African continent can provide many of the conditions (diseases) optimal for carrying out clinical trials. Genetic analyses have shown that ethnic groups show variable results to different treatments, so it is vital to carry out clinical trials in Africa. Inclusion of diverse participants in clinical trials will lead to more robust and complete data that broadens the understanding of racial and ethnic differences in treatment responses. Amgen and AfricaBio host a Diversity in Clinical Trials Webinar Series creating awareness of clinical trial diversity.

Diversity In Clinical Trials

Dialougue With African Biotech Leaders

The African biotech landscape has been steadily growing, with significant potential for innovation and impact. There is a need to address the unique challenges and opportunities specific to the African context and seek to find a balance between vision and pragmatism in the maturing African biotech industry. To understand the needs and preferences of African biotech leaders, BIO Africa in partnership with Dr. Adrienne Leussa, has created this platform, Dialogue for African Biotech Leaders. On this Group there will be information articles posted; webinar session with leading scientists and professors; video and podcast conversations; and most importantly open and free discussions amongst Biotechnology Leaders. The Dialogue will aim to establish a pan-African network, gain insights into their challenges and strengths, and promote the African Biotech landscape within and beyond Africa. The dialogues will provide an environment for African Biotech Leaders to build relationships, exchange insights, and explore ideas for advancing the biotech sector in Africa.

Dialogue with African Biotech Leaders


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