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"Bioinnovator Business Basics” is a 4-part webinar series for scientists and early-stage entrepreneurs in the life sciences and healthcare industry. Part 1 of the series is an Introductory Fireside Chat discussing the importance of healthcare and life science innovation in Africa at this moment in time. Parts 2-4 are specifically designed to introduce scientists and healthcare innovators based in Africa to the business basics they need to turn their innovation into a viable business by exploring the basic building blocks of a pitch deck. 

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Fireside Chat- Africa, The Next Frontier of Healthcare Innovation 

AHIA Emory Executive Director, Dr. Dirk Schroeder, and AfricaBio President & Chairman, Dr. Nhlanhla Msomi, discuss Africa as the next frontier for healthcare innovation and the role that entrepreneurs will play.

Fireside chat
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Perfecting the Pitch- Part 1: How to Craft a Successful Pitch

Emory University Professor of Entrepreneurship, Charlie Goetz, shares his overview of how to give a successful pitch. Professor Goetz was also joined by the winner of BioAfrica Convention's 2022 Startup Stadium, Iraka Biotech. Dr. Cornelius Ssemakalu, the Chief Scientific Officer and founder of Iraka Biotech.

PTP - Part 1

Perfecting the Pitch- Part 2: Defining Your Problem

Emory University Professor of Entrepreneurship, Charlie Goetz, for Part 2 of Perfecting the Pitch: Defining Your Problem. Charlie will also be joined by Dr. Genevieve Thompson, Founder & CEO of Gene Vantage, to share her real-world experience in crafting a successful pitch.

PTP - Part 2
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Perfecting the Pitch- Part 3: Creating Your Business Strategy

Emory University Professor of Entrepreneurship, Charlie Goetz, for Part 3 of Perfecting the Pitch: Creating Your Business Strategy. Professor Goetz highlights the basics of developing a business strategy to support your healthcare innovation. He was joined Laud Anthony Basing, CEO and Founder of Incas Diagnostics, and the winner of the 2023 Africa Health Excon Startup Stadium

PTP - Part 3

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