A full and insightful programme by industry experts and thought leaders as they share their experiences, wealth of knowledge and discuss critical issues facing the industry today. The programme includes panel discussions, partnering, virtual exhibitions and company presentations reimagined through a new and convenient digital platform.

Featured Topics

Human Health

  • Diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics

  • Health promotion & Universal Health Coverage

  • Digital health

  • New diagnostics, AI, large data, wearables

  • Metabolic syndrome: cost effective diagnostics, therapeutics

  • Antibiotic resistance

  • Bacteriophages

  • Access to Affordable Oncology Treatment


  • Emergence of large scale human health epidemics e.g., corona virus, Ebola virus, swine and avian influenza

  • Environmental health

  • Lessons learnt from Ebola

  • Cross-Cutting Nature of Zoonotics Across Different Sectors 

Cannabis vs. Natural Products

  • The science of cannabis and biomedical applications

  • Regulations

  • Agriculture: plant breeding, seeds, local genetic resources

  • Agronomy and Agroprocessing

  • Product development

  • The market and investment opportunities

Veterinary Health

  • Growth areas of innovation: diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics


  • Investments for Agroprocessing

  • Agroprocessing for urban and rural development: investments and new jobs

  • Smart and digital agriculture

  • Regulation and IP

  • Innovation and application in agriculture

Finance and Investments

  • IP, global PDPs, in-bound technology

  • Royalty free licensing

  • Innovation market place

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