A full and insightful programme by industry experts and thought leaders as they share their experiences, wealth of knowledge and discuss critical issues facing the industry today. The programme includes panel discussions, partnering, virtual exhibitions and company presentations reimagined through a new and convenient digital platform.

Featured Topics

Human Health

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  • H001: New technologies: antigen/antibody tests: Evaluation/demonstration, molecular tests

  • H002: New Diagnostics

  • H003: Vaccines and monoclonal antibodies

  • H004: Repurposing drugs

  • H005: Local manufacturing for Africa: Focus on Diagnostics (Strategic and Case Studies)


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  • FI001: Universal Health Coverage

  • FI002: Innovation financing solutions for Africa biotech start-ups and SMEs

  • FI003: Hurdles & Challenges of Registering & Managing IP and New Products by Start-ups

  • FI004: Local manufacturing for Africa: Focus on Biosimilars (Strategies and Case Studies)

  • FI005: Establishing an African Clinical Trials Fund

Cannabis vs. Natural Products

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  • IP001: Exploring Innovations within the Sugar Industry

  • IP002: Long Term Impact of Covid-19 Impact on Food Security and Nutrition

  • IP004: Improving Cancer Patient Outcomes in Africa through Cross-Sector Research Collaborations

  • IP005: Innovation and Collaboration in the time of Covid-19 – Acceleration R&D to Save Lives

Veterinary Health

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  • C001: Regulatory Framework: Unlocking the medical Cannabis Industrial Potential

  • C002: Cannabis Research Development and Innovation for Clinical Use

  • C003: Cannabis Industrialisation – Best Practices


Agricultural Biotech.png
  • A001: Transformative technologies for 21st century Africa agriculture

  • A002: Development of Diagnostics, Vaccines and Therapeutics for Zoonotic Disease in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Finance and Investments

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  • IFI001: International Funding Opportunities for SA SMEs Through EUREKA

  • IFI002: Policy Interventions and Institutional Arrangements for Inclusive and Gender-Sensitive Technology Dissemination

  • IFI003: Agro-Processing – a key sector for post-COVID economic recovery: A case for investment, innovative technologies and jobs

Veterinary Health

  • Z001: Use of New Technologies for Rapid and Efficient Diagnosis of Zoonotic Diseases, Production of New Vaccines and Therapeutics: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Z002: Upscaling Development of Vaccines and Therapeutics for Zoonotic Disease in the Post-COVID-19 Era: From Lab to Commercial Production


  • IKS001: Africa Medicine and Clinical Trials: Towards Developing an Inclusive Health System, Policy Development and Medicines Registrations

  • IKS002: Natural Medicines and Epidemic Preparedness and Response

  • IKS003: Empowerment, Enterprise Development and Commercialisation Indigenous Natural Products

Finance and Investments

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  • EB001: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and COVID-19: Africa’s Response to COVID-19 and Beyond


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  • BA001: Next-Generation Sequencing

  • BAA002: Lateral Flow Assay Development Training

  • BAA003: Nanodiagnostics and its Potential in COVID Point-of-Care Assays

  • BAA004: Biocomposite Strategy by Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) and UNIDO

  • BA005: Tech Transfer for Pharmaceutical Producers in Africa


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