The BIO Africa Digital Platform aims to foster a collaborative network and provide access to resources and information to support the bio-economy. A key objective of the platform is to provide a marketplace for innovations, ideas and biotechnology products that are geared to address the disruptions to global value chains.


Directory of start-ups and companies with innovative existing solutions. Access the portal to view their products and services.

Knowledge Resource Hub

Access a curated library of up-to-date articles and findings from around the world on COVID-19 and other scientific breakthroughs.

Innovators and Ideas Portal

An interactive platform that allows innovators and SMEs to showcase their innovations and ideas as well as participate in sponsored challenges.

Financing, Funding & Market Access

Want to meet investors? Or interested in investing in innovative ideas. Access the portal to get connected.

BIO Africa Academy

View our latest online training and webinars available and sign-up to participate.

Communications and Community Outreach

View our trusted resource for facts and Q&A about topical issues such as the global pandemic, COVID-19.


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